Recess Cleveland announces new social distancing friendly programming

Recess Cleveland Bubble Soccer

Recess Cleveland normally hosts over 75 different games and attracts over 8000 people at 80+ events each year.  This year, we were hoping to attract 10,000 attendees, but because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to pivot.  We’re excited to announce that we are working on 4 new programs in response to the pandemic that […]

Top Factors That Can Help Keep a Playground Safe for Kids

Kids absolutely love parks and checking out all the different ways to play. The issue here is that parks are one of the most common places where kids get hurt. As a result, it’s important to make sure the playground is as safe as possible, regardless of whether it’s a public park or one you […]

The Floor Is Lava! Tips to Keep This Classic Game Safe and Fun

Who hasn’t played this game guaranteed to leave kids in a pile of giggles? It’s been passed down from generation to generation, and who knows where it even started? The Floor Is Lava!, or Hot Lava, is a perfect kids’ game that doesn’t require a screen of any type and is totally free to play. […]

Why We Should Encourage More Kids to Play Outside

On average, children spend around six to nine hours a week in front of a screen. That’s a dramatic difference when compared to the mere seven minutes or less most spend outside enjoying the fresh air. Though it may seem like an eternity, it wasn’t so long ago that children looked forward to spending their […]

Why Recess is So Important to a Child’s Development

Scientific studies have concluded that recess is more important to a child’s development than was previously thought. This mid-day break is much more than just a break from mental concentration; it plays a role in many important areas. The following list explains some of the ways that recess can make a positive impact on a […]

How Physical Activity and Movement Can Help Kids Do Better in School

When it comes to providing the necessary tools for children to succeed in school, physical activity is often left out. Studies from all across the world show that children who participate in physical activities during their school day perform better in the classroom. Keep reading to find out the ways physical activity can provide positive […]

Rules to Teach Your Children About Playing Outside Safely

No kid likes playing indoors all the time—they yearn for fresh air and the freedom of the outdoors. As parents, you may sometimes have to mitigate those desires with the need to keep your kids safe. To that end, here are three rules which you should teach your kids about how to play outside safely. […]

Help Recess Cleveland win a $5000 grant with 60 seconds of your time

Help Recess Cleveland win 5K!

We are so honored to be accepted by Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy – Cleveland as one of Cleveland’s favorite charities and a potential recepient of a $5,000 prize. …But we need your help to win the 5k. As of Noon on 11/12, voting has ended.  We’ll find out the results on 11/13.  If you […]