The Recess Fun Bus


In August of 2018, Recess Cleveland obtained a small school bus in hopes of bridging communities together through providing transportation to Recess events. We will pick-up from Recess Event locations in other neighborhoods (e.g. pick up families from Detroit Shoreway Recess on Tuesday and drive them to West park Recess on Wednesday). The Recess “Fun Bus” can also be used to pick up and transport large numbers of volunteers for other Recess Programs (e.g. Recess Leagues / Recess for a Cause), transport kids from nearby schools to recess events, and as transportation on Recess Excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to ride the Recess Fun Bus?

With support from partners, sponsors, and donors like you…we hope to keep the bus 100% free to ride.

Who drives the bus?

Only Recess Cleveland Staff who are insured and background checked are allowed to drive the bus.

What's the bus schedule?

We’re still mapping out the summer schedule for the bus and it will be posted on this page soon.  Email [email protected] for the latest updates.

Can I rent/borrow the bus for our program?

Depends.  Email [email protected] or call 216-242-2282.

How can I support this program?

Click the programming tab below, find this program, then click Donate.

This bus unites communities and helps families get off the couch to exercise with Recess Cleveland. Operating the Recess Fun Bus would not be possible without your help. Help us keep the bus rolling by donating below.

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