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How Physical Activity and Movement Can Help Kids Do Better in School


How Physical Activity and Movement Can Help Kids Do Better in School

When it comes to providing the necessary tools for children to succeed in school, physical activity is often left out. Studies from all across the world show that children who participate in physical activities during their school day perform better in the classroom. Keep reading to find out the ways physical activity can provide positive academic results.


Recess is often used for teachers to get a break from their students, but recess doesn’t only play a part in providing breaks. Recess is a great way for kids to let out some of their energy, but it’s important they don’t get too wild and remember playground safety to avoid getting hurt or causing other problems. Therefore, through this time of play, not only are they pouring out all their energy, but they’re also learning responsibility, accountability, and fair play among their classmates. This goes back into the classroom with them, and they can now apply those very same principles to their group projects.

Gym Class

Most careers today involve working with a team to get a certain job done. Business leaders often state that they are looking for candidates who have not only talent but also great social and communication skills. Therefore, children must understand very early on the importance of teamwork. Gym class can be the place that children learn to work as part of a team. This will also lead back to the classroom. These skills will be put to use in the later education years when large group research projects are more common.

Moving in the Classroom

Teachers coming into the classroom for the first time do a great job of understanding that the traditional way of teaching is slowly transforming to reflect the real world. Reality doesn’t place people in rows listening to people; rather, it intertwines us with different sets of strangers where communication and actions are required. Utilizing activities that require students to walk back and forth is a great way to allow them to release energy while opening their minds to a broader way of thinking. This increase in cognitive thinking may lead to better grades over the course of their educational career.

Increasing physical activity at an early age is important and can significantly support a child in the classroom. Studies have proven this to be true. It is highly recommended that educators and parents carefully encourage these activities to help children succeed in school, as well as grow up healthy and fit.

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