Recess Safety Tips to Keep in Mind During the Different Seasons of the School Year


Recess Safety Tips to Keep in Mind During the Different Seasons of the School Year

Recess is often a child’s favorite time of day when school is in session. This is a time when kids can unwind, play and enjoy some fresh air. Unfortunately, there are some safety tips to be kept in mind during the different seasons of the school year. Different weather patterns can cause a variety of concerns. Here are some things to keep in mind throughout the different seasons to help make sure that children can stay safe while playing.


Fall is such a beautiful time of year. The kids have been back in session for a number of weeks now, and the temperatures are starting to slowly go down. This cooler weather can be a welcome change from the heat of the summer, but many kids aren’t dressed appropriately. The mornings can be very chilly, and the afternoons can warm up. Depending on when recess is, it’s important that every child has a coat with them. Even if the predicted temperature is quite warm, it’s important to pay attention to what is currently going on.


Cold winter weather brings snow, which is a favorite of kids who want to get out to build a snowman, or they want to have a snowball fight with their friends. Recess will need to be more of a planned occasion at this time of the year. Parents should be alerted that their child will be going outside in the coming days, and they should bring all of their necessary winter gear with them to school. Any child that is getting over an illness should stay inside where it is warm. If there’s snow or ice on the ground, make sure to sprinkle ice melt on the slick parts of the playground so kids don’t slip and fall while playing.


Toward the very end of the school year, depending on where you live, the weather can start to really heat up. Make sure the children stay hydrated in order to avoid the severe dangers of heatstroke or other potential harm from heat-related illnesses. It’s a good idea to have kids go outside earlier in the day, rather than the middle of the afternoon. The hours after lunchtime are usually when the temperatures are at their warmest.

Whether you’re a parent or a school administrator, it’s so important to look out for the wellbeing of children at school. Just because warmer weather is taking a break, for the time being, that doesn’t mean kids can’t go outside to get some recess in. There may just need to be some minor changes that need to take place in order to keep everyone safe while they’re having fun.

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