Top Factors That Can Help Keep a Playground Safe for Kids


Top Factors That Can Help Keep a Playground Safe for Kids

Kids absolutely love parks and checking out all the different ways to play. The issue here is that parks are one of the most common places where kids get hurt. As a result, it’s important to make sure the playground is as safe as possible, regardless of whether it’s a public park or one you created in your backyard. There are quite a few tips you can use, but we’re going to talk about three of them that will get you started and help ensure your child’s safety.


For starters, make sure the equipment is safe. In addition to making sure the equipment is in good working condition, you also want to make sure there aren’t any areas that are sharp or made in a way that could cause your child to get snagged or caught up. If possible, try to find some equipment that has plenty of railings to help ensure they don’t fall off the equipment. The main thing is to inspect what you can before letting your kids start playing.

Surface Materials

Another thing you’ll want to make sure is that the materials underneath and around the playground aren’t ones that don’t do well with absorbing impact, such as concrete or asphalt. These things can be extremely rough and can really hurt your child if they fall. Keep in mind when thinking about alternatives that artificial grass playgrounds provide safety and accessibility for children. This material should help lessen the impact and reduce what kinds of injuries your child gets. With that said, though, anything could happen and this doesn’t mean that they won’t ever get hurt.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, make sure the playground is getting regular maintenance. This is a lot easier to ensure if the playground is in your backyard, but there should be some kind of sign at a public park telling when it was last serviced, what company serviced it and what number you can call to ask about it. The sign might not have all of these things, but it should give you an idea of who to contact to get that information. Some things that you should make sure are done when the maintenance is done are things like tightening screws, replacing any broken or worn parts and getting rid of any parts that are protruding or posing other dangers.

These things are extremely simple, but effective. While you want your child to have as much fun as possible, the most important thing is that they are safe and not getting hurt. Even if you use or build a playground that has equipment and materials that are different from the popular choices, there are many options to choose from. You should be able to find something for most age groups, so most children that visit or hang out with your children should have something fun to play on.

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